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I was doing choking-on-sand acting and then they didn’t add the sand in…”





Many are fans themselves and picked two FOX shows which they think would make the ultimate hybrid series… (x)

"My other sidekick"



"Is there a kind of character that you haven’t gotten to play yet that you would like to?"

"I’m a huge sci-fi nerd—huge—and my other personal passion is sustainable farming and permaculture, so anything outdoorsy would be great. I would of course love to sing more, too. And lately, I’ve been really wanting to play a mermaid…I’ve been daydreaming about mermaids. Imagine a post-apocalyptic mermaid situation."

"I’m gonna make a quick call, uh, give you some privacy."

"If you’re going to annul an engagement with a man who works across the street, don’t you think you should do it in person?"

It’s the type of show that we get very talented fans. I think because they’re always having their imaginations sparked… [x]

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"Will we be sharing a cell lieutenant?"